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  Ekem is a leading enterprise in China's environmentally friendly electroplating additives 

that integrates research and development, production, sales, and services. It is a national 

high-tech enterprise, a new research and development institution in Fujian Province, an 

innovative enterprise in Fujian Province, an engineering technology research center for 

environmentally friendly metal electroplating enterprises in Fujian Province, a 

postdoctoral innovation practice base in Fujian Province, a key enterprise in the 

transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Fujian Province, a well-

known brand enterprise in Fujian Province, and a trustworthy and contract abiding unit in 

Fujian Province. Approved the establishment of the Ye Jindui State Council Government 

Special Allowance Expert Studio in Zhangzhou City (the first batch). Received honorary 

titles such as "Top 10 Famous Enterprises" in the field of surface engineering in China, 

"Advanced Enterprise" of China Electroplating Association, and "Innovation 100" of the 

first Fujian enterprise. The enterprise has passed the IS09001 quality management system 

and IS014001 environmental management system, and its products have passed SGS standard 

technical testing.    

  Ekem is a member unit of the China National Standard Metal and Non Metal Coating 

Standards Committee, a vice chairman unit of the China Electronic Electroplating Special 

Committee, an executive member unit of the China Surface Engineering Industry Association, 

a vice chairman unit of the Fujian Surface Engineering Industry Association, and a member 

unit of the Automotive Anti Corrosion Aging Branch of the China Society of Automotive 


  The marketing service headquarters of the company, Xiamen Ekem Chemical Co., Ltd., is 

located in the bustling commercial center of Xiamen Railway Station. The R&D and production 

center, Ekem (Fujian) Chemical Co., Ltd., is located in the back garden of Xiamen - 

Zhangzhou Mayor Taixingtai Development Zone. It is about half an hour's drive from Xiamen 

and covers a total area of 18408.81 square meters, with a total construction area of 

10682.01 square meters. The R&D comprehensive building has a construction area of 5311 

square meters.   

  Ekem has a 30 year history of professional chemical research and production, undertaking 

multiple national scientific and technological projects, and is committed to researching 

clean electroplating production processes and chemicals to replace toxic and harmful 

electroplating processes. Especially in the field of galvanizing, it has achieved great 

results in eliminating heavy metal pollution such as sodium cyanide and hexavalent 

chromium. It has multiple patents and intellectual property rights, and its technology is 

at the forefront of China and the international advanced level. Our products are mainly 

used in high-end manufacturing industries such as automobiles, new energy, military 

industry, aerospace, etc. We have become partners with many world-renowned manufacturers 

and provide products and services to the factories of well-known enterprises such as 

Volkswagen, Changan Ford, BYD, Volvo, Honda, Hyundai, CATL, ABB, Siemens, etc. Our 

customers are all over China, Europe, America, and Asia. The company is building a new 

high-end electronic electroplating chemical research and development laboratory and 

production base, which will serve the semiconductor industry and develop into an 

international brand with strong research and development capabilities as support.    

  Ekem has strong research and development advantages, with core technologies, multiple 

national invention patents, and related intellectual property rights. Undertake three 

national level projects, including national innovation funding projects for technology-

based small and medium-sized enterprises, national torch program projects, and national key 

product program projects, as well as two provincial innovation funding projects and three 

municipal innovation fund projects. Received one second prize of the Provincial Science and 

Technology Progress Award, one provincial patent award, two third prizes of the Municipal 

Science and Technology Progress Award, and one special invited technical report award at 

the Interfine2008 International Conference. Hongzheng actively participates in promoting 

surface treatment


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